Our Services


GLT Consulting, LLC will coordinate with you:

  • In achieving optimum results in your Property renditions and reports in all classes of property (producing mineral, buildings, land, equipment and inventory).
  • In developing strategies and opportunities for reducing your property taxes.
  • In negotiating for your interests in obtaining the best assessment of your properties.
  • In being your advocate before appropriate agencies regarding your assessments.

In other words, you get the professionals that remove the surprise. Good communication allows you to receive very best personal representation, without contradictions!


GLT Consulting, LLC is more than a consulting firm. GLT is one of the leading edge of Property Tax Management. GLT will:

  • Process and file all necessary forms and reports for you in a timely and accurate manager.
  • Produce tax payment vouchers to aid you in paying taxes.
  • Produce and maintain detailed evaluations for all properties using custom designed software.

In short, it is not enough to have good intentions. It is vital to have your Property Taxes accurately evaluated, professional rendered, and efficiently reported. Why spend valuable time catching u p with the changing laws when you can get the leader in Property Tax Management with GLT?


GLT Consulting, LLC is the industry leader in customized computer software for property evolutions. The laws of property taxes change dramatically among states and classes of property. You cannot afford to get trapped with outdated information.

GLT will:

  • Develop and render values for all jurisdictions where you have property.
  • Review producing leases by formulating a discounted cash flow analysis using "in-house" data and client provided information (product price, operating expenses, reserve estimates).
  • Aggressively utilize data from many sources to provide you with the very best production rate schedules for your Property Assessments.

You should not have to pay for taxes that are based on speculation. Let GLT Consulting, LLC show you how they have helped their clients negotiate from strength of knowledge using projections based on your actual production.