About GLT

GLT Consulting, LLC customizes its services to fit the unique needs of the client.

As a matter of policy, each client receives the personal direction and involvement of a GLT consultant. With over 75 years of combined experience, you get a highly skilled professional Tax manager. The personal services enables, in most cases, to be informed of proposed values before they are finalized.

GLT offers:

  • The unique insight into the dynamics of the business environments and its property tax needs.
  • The skill to manage your Property Tax values negotiations.
  • Trust building service.

GLT serves a diversity of small and large clients throughout the U.S.

The firm's clientele includes:

  • Oil and Gas Operators
  • Pipeline Companies
  • Drilling Companies
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Ranches
  • Communications Companies (Newspapers, Magazines, Televisions and Cable Television)
  • Retail and Wholesale Operations